Soil is a solution in carbon sequestration

Why we need to decrease CO2 in the atmosphere
Why we need to increase humic substance in the soil

"Increasing the storage of carbon by 0.4% in the top 30-40 cm of the soil could stop the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere"

“4 per 1000” Initiative – Soils for Food Security and Climate
Inspired by nature, Powered by science

Our Hydrothermal Humification Process transforms biomass into humic substance

We create new humic substance through our Hydrothermal Humification Process in order to capture and store carbon and reverse soil degradation. This exceeds any known technology in terms of:

  • Use of different biomaterials (wet & dry);
  • Enabling large scale production of humic substances;
  • Fast, continuous and asset-light processing (less than two hours);
  • Energy efficient system;
  • 1:1 carbon retention from a closed process;
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boosting your soil

Benefits of our Superhumus

Accelerate CO2 sequestration 
Increase soil fertility and yield
Improves soil water capacity
Acts against
‍soil erosion
Reduction of external inputs
Restores the soil microbiome
Humify Team

Our team

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.
Markus Antonietti


Highly decorated, h-index of 208, TOP10 in chemistry worldwide. Many industry co-operations & patents

Harald Pinger


Various CEO & CFO positions, Expert in Finance, Production and R&D. Industrial Goods, MedTech, FMCG

Andreas Dittes


Tech Entrepreneur & Growth Hacker. Technology, Automation & Data Business Models
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